Akashic Records Reading

Do you want to know what happens in the Akashic Records reading?

I am Mataji Áditi, I am glad that we have agreed to meet each other and I invite you to do an akashic reading, you can do it in person or online. We will have a pleasant talk in which, the heavenly guides will illuminate and explain what you want about your life, relationships, profession. The causes in past lives are. Just like tomorrow's when you can exercise your free will so much. To establish yourself, you have to release the conditions of traces of past lives, so you can decide freely.

Understanding what your gifts are and why you have come to this incarnation makes you recover autonomy in your inner world, feeling that you are able to create that world that you dreamed of yesterday.

What else will you discover in a consultation with the heavenly guides?

Disease is a process through which the soul is wanting you to listen to it, whether you are sick or a loved one ... The recovery of health depends on medical treatments and that you can reverse the mental process that has caused you to taken to find you in that place. In this respect, the heavenly guides, who accompany you permanently, are here to help you heal, relieve and advise. In you there is healing energy, regeneration, new birth.

I have the option you need if you live far from our space or if the transfer is complicated, I can assist you by video call. It's exactly as if you were with me face to face, but from wherever you are. You just have to write to me by whatsapp +54 9 11 56406747 or send us a form.

This process can be accompanied and strengthened by the help of floral therapies, you just have to request it. If you want to read about bach flowers I recommend: 


I propose to you, to walk lightly, letting us be guided by the light of love, in the confidence of knowing each other for a long time. Choosing us once again to share the eternity of the soul, in this world where sensitivity will make us enlighten.

o take a turn you just have to contact me by whatsapp, write to our mail or fill in the formulario that appears at the end of this page.

Chandogya Upanishad: In the Akasha all things are born and in the Akasha all things grow.

If you feel like training as an akashic record channeler (for yourself and others), you can do so through our course.

Some testimonials

I am a lawyer in international law and I was terrified of airplanes, after a session of Records with Aditi, I lost the fear of flying and now I can do my job without restrictions.


In the reading, Aditi told me that a man would come to my life with very clear characteristics, in less than a year it happened and now we live abroad and have two children.


After the death of my wife I was dejected. Thanks to the explanations of the heavenly guides, I understood the reason for the situation and was able to resume my life full of gratitude.


New: Spiritual DNA

This is a special session of Akashic records in which I will show you your spiritual origin and, from there, you can reconnect with yourself. In what world have you been where you come from.